The fastest and most efficient management solution for your HOA

We take care of your building as if we were another neighbor. You just get the good part of being a home owner.

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We share everything with you

Get full visibility about accounts, invoices, contracts and all the information about your building, so that you can check it whenever you want, as often as you want.

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We get you the best quotes for services

  • Always looking for the best quality-price ratio

  • We share multiple options and share the pros and cons in an easy to understand format.

  • We compare quotes with the market

  • We analize and evaluate servicers before they do a job for your building.

Real-time notifications

We inform you real-time about incidents, expenses and the status of ongoing tasks.
You won't be caught off-guard next time a servicer comes to fix something.

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As digital as you want us to be

According to the needs of your building, we organize in person, online or hybrid meetings. We also give you the flexibility to vote or delegate your vote asynchronously, so that you can vote even if you can't attend the meeting.

Always available for you

In case of any doubts or unforeseen circumstances, we respond quickly and at all times through web, email, phone, and WhatsApp. No excuses.

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We redesigned everything about HOA administration to make it easier and more comfortable for owners. We offer a modern service above any standard in the industry.

Why should you switch to Aldara?

With you old HOA Manager

  • Getting a fast answer is a miracle. A fast solution -even harder.

  • You can't check invoices or payment accounts.

  • No possibility of voting or joining meetings online.

  • At most you get one yearly meeting. Your one and only chance to know about your building.

With Aldara

  • We answer real-time, at any moment.

  • All the HOA information, available for you.

  • Perfect mix of human touch and digital experience, supporting online voting and meetings (if you want to).

  • We proactively manage your building and keep you up-to-date on everything.

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How do you deal with arrears ("morosidad") in HOAs?
Do you visit the HOA in person?
Do you review the community expenses?
Do you have legal and technical experts to advise our community?
And what if the community is left unattended during the transition to Nestor?
How far in advance can an HOA meeting be scheduled?

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