Change your HOA manager in 3 steps

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Find out all the benefits of giving us the management of your HOA
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We follow you throughout the process

Changing HOA manager is easy. But if you have doubts, don't hesitate to ask us.

Talk to us

Ask for a quote!

Answer 2 questions and we'll send you a custom quote.

  • We also give you the meeting announcement to print or send via email.

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Vote in favor

When we setup the meeting, vote in favor of change.

  • You don't need to inform your old HOA manager about the change.


Send us the meeting minutes. Done!

See? Easy. We will take care of getting everything from the old HOA manager.

  • Very soon you will experience the magic of Nestor.

Why should you switch to Aldara?

With you old HOA Manager

  • Getting a fast answer is a miracle. A fast solution -even harder.

  • You can't check invoices or payment accounts.

  • No possibility of voting or joining meetings online.

  • At most you get one yearly meeting. Your one and only chance to know about your building.

With Aldara

  • We answer real-time, at any moment.

  • All the HOA information, available for you.

  • Perfect mix of human touch and digital experience, supporting online voting and meetings (if you want to).

  • We proactively manage your building and keep you up-to-date on everything.

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Do you have doubts?

If you don't find all your answers here, don't hesitate to cantact us.

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Do you visit the HOA in person?
Do you review the community expenses?
And what if the community is left unattended during the transition to Nestor?
How far in advance can an HOA meeting be scheduled?

Change starts here and now.
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It's time for a better building manager.