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Much more than an HOA manager


Aldara takes care of the management and improvements of your HOA so you don't have to worry about it again.

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Just the good parts of home ownership

We reinvent HOA management to make it faster, more personal and transparent. Get the freedom and peace of mind that you want.

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Full transparency.
Full control.

  • Access to all HOA accounting and invoices

  • Real time information of ongoing work

  • We look for the best quotes

  • Possibility of online and hybrid meetings

  • Support for asynchronous voting (vote in advance)

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Why you should switch to Aldara

With your old HOA manager

  • Getting a fast answer is a miracle. A fast solution, even harded.

  • You can't check invoices or payment accounts.

  • No possibility of voting or joining meetings online.

  • At most you get one yearly meeting. Your one and only chance to know about your building.

With Aldara

  • We answer real-time, at any moment.

  • All the HOA information, available for you.

  • Perfect mix of human touch and digital experience, supporting online voting and meetings (if you want to).

  • We proactively manage your building and keep you up-to-date on everything.

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Switching to Aldara is easy

Sometimes change is scary but then you realise it was easy. This is the feeling you'll get with us.

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